3Adim Koleji

CodeIgniter Technologies – https://3adimkoleji.k12.tr/

Code technologies and skills We got involved while working on this project

  • CodeIgniter
  • HTML5 – canvas
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS – SASS Compass

We started our project by researching the code technologies , we chose CodeIgniter because it has a powerful, object-oriented model and its own built-in ORM – giving us fast performance. We then created a simple admin panel with Bootstrap and building an API to allow users to upload images. We also utilized HTML5 canvas to give the user the ability to highlight or draw on the uploaded image. We then used SASS Compass for CSS preprocessing and Font Awesome to add icons.

Takeaway: Our development team created this from scratch, and we are proud of that fact.



Got any questions? I'm happy to help.

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