WordPress Security Optimisation Services


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WordPress Security Optimization Services

Your website needs to be secure and safe for your business to succeed. WordPress has made it easy for anyone to start a website and publish content. This, coupled with its wide network of plugins and themes, has contributed greatly to its popularity. But WordPress is not impervious to hacking attacks, as recent events have proven. If you want to keep your site secure, turn to DropCode Software ltd. Our WordPress Security Optimization Services include Core Web Vitals checks by experienced experts, who can also suggest ways of improving your security levels so that no one gets access to your valuable data except you

Security Checkup

We check your WordPress installation for known vulnerabilities and then make recommendations on how you can improve security by installing essential plugins or making other changes in the code. This checkup will help you identify potential threats before they become real problems in your business. Our experts will look at every aspect of the site’s setup and try to find any holes in the system that could be exploited by hackers. The result will be a detailed report containing all the findings along with steps for resolving them

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